Strengthening Connections

There is nothing better than being with family and friends. Whether its coffee with colleagues or dinner with someone special, time we share together is the best part of life.

Technology has created a million ways for us to connect. Mobile phones, instant messaging and social networks now allow us to communicate with anyone from anywhere at any time.

But in some ways, constant connection to the cloud has come at the expense of connection with each other.

Bringing people together

We are excited about being part of what comes next: technology that helps strengthen the connections we make by actually bringing people together.

Our inbox is full of threads dedicated to the logistics of getting together. Meeting sounds great, but the process of honing in on a time and place that works for everyone can go on indefinitely. And the more people involved, the harder it gets.

We need an easier way.

What we're doing

We developed Skej to take out all the work.

Skej is a mobile app that helps you schedule events. With just a few taps, Skej finds a time and place that's convenient for everyone.

Skej is personal. It learns your preferences over time.

Skej works from day one. Recipients can respond by email so they don't need to sign up or download the app. And when they do, recommendations get even better for everyone.

Download Skej now and start strengthening your connections.

‒ Jared and Jeff